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Why An Interior Matter?

An Interior Matter Interior Designs DMJ

--Experience:  We have been designing homes for years now and have seen trends come and go. 

We believe there is no 'one size/style fits all' when it comes to interior design.  We want nothing more than for each of our clients to have a space that is uniquely their own and that they absolutely love!

--Contacts: We have connections in the industry.  When there is need of additional contractor services we know people. We also have our finger on the pulse of all the best places to find the  perfect furniture and design accessories.

--Versatility: Our 'style' is your style. We specialize in interpreting who you are into a 'design story', rewriting your home so it conveys the message you want to send, and prefer to design with purpose,intent and function in mind.  We love to think outside the box and rarely adhere to 'on trend' rules.

--Savings: We save you time, effort, and cost.  As designers, our job is to do the work and, as the client, your job is to reap the rewards. 


--Knowledge: We know all the tips and tricks of interior design.  We know what works and what won't and have the ability to visualize the design completely before anything is ever purchased.  We are experienced in color psychology

and how it impacts the perceived feeling of a space.  

--Uniqueness: We strive to never leave a home feeling like it was just plucked from a showroom floor.  Instead, we want the space to be a well-designed area in which you can breathe, rest, and relax.

--Award Winning Customer Service:  We are proud to have been awarded the  Best of Houzz Customer Service award several times now.  An Interior Matter strives to provide our clients the best customer service, professionalism,

honesty and integrity in all our business practices.

Call or email us today for an appointment.  We look forward to collaborating with you.

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