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About the Designer:


Hello!  My name is Marlie Bilbruck, designer and owner of An Interior Matter Interior Designs.


I feel that interior design is like any other art form.  It is used to paint a story of the home's occupants.  It conveys a message of who lives there, what their passions are and what message they are sending.  When a home is well designed the story is easy to read, but poor design can muddle the tale, just as poor writing can ruin a great narrative.


I find that my ability to look at design from all angles and to think outside of the box/trend gives me an edge in the industry.  I prefer to start with preexisting pieces and to build the design from there.   


I studied at Bellevue College. I am always continuing my education by taking design related courses and workshops to keep up on trends, materials and techniques.


I was born, raised and still reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  I currently live in quaint Lake Stevens, Washington (about 45 minutes north of Seattle) with my husband and two of our six intelligent and driven children, our Himalayan Ragdoll cat, and very sweet Anatolian Pyrenees pup. 


Life is busy and I LOVE it!

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